FALL RIVER, MA. "Lizzie Borden took an axe And gave her mother forty whacks. When she saw what she had done She gave her father forty-one."                                                -   Anonymous   submitted by Ken DeCosta  Lizzie eventually would meet a young actress named Nance O'Neil (pictured below) in 1904 and for the next two years they were seen almost exclusively in each other's company. It was rumored the two had established an intimate relationship, but in those days such things were not spoken of in polite company.           Their relationship, at least on the face of it, served to drive a wedge between Lizzie and Emma. At one point an elaborate party was thrown for O'Neil and the theatrical troupe she appeared with. Not long after that, Emma moved out of Maplecroft and into the home of Reverend Edwin Augustus Buck (pictured below), whose daughter Alice was a close friend of hers and who was a great source of support and comfort for both sisters during Lizzie's trial. By 1915, Emma had moved out of the Buck house and relocated to Haymarket, NH. where she lived until a fall from her back stairs claimed her life on June 10, 1927.          Lizzie was to die a mere 9 days earlier than her sister on June 1, 1927 at age 67 after suffering through complications from gall bladder surgery. They were both interred in the family plot at Oak Grave Cemetery along with their father, mother, stepmother and another sister who died early in childhood.    Bridget Sullivan passed away in Butte, Montana in 1948.  
WARNING: Some photographs and descriptions on this page may not be suitable for children
  THE HAUNTING OF THE LIZZIE BORDEN BED & BREAKFAST          Over 117 years have past since the gruesome murders at 92 Second St. and the former Borden home has become the Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast, a kind of throwback in time which has been preserved as a monument to the events which took place that hot August day in 1892. The Borden B&B hosts guest from all over the world, most of which hope to satisfy a kind of morbid curiosity about one of the most infamous and puzzling murders ever committed.        But some...have more "supernatural" motivations for their visit.        Owner/Manager Lee Ann Wilbur (pictured below) reports the sounds of someone walking around the house when she is there alone. One night while heading up to bed, Lee Ann says she had the distinct feeling "she was not welcome there that night." She chose to ignore her uneasy feelings and went to sleep. When she awoke the following morning, the rocking chair in her room had shifted and was facing the bed, as if someone had sat in it while she was asleep - watching her.              One night Ms. Wilbur sensed a "heaviness" about the house. As she was staring into the hallway, she vividly remembers a shadowy figure walking up the stairs that came to a stop at the top and stared directly at her. In April of 2006, Lee Ann was making up the bed in the guest room where Abby was murdered (below). She suddenly felt a twinge of anxiety and found it becoming hard to breathe. As she stood up to catch her breath, she felt a solid blow to the chest and collapsed on the floor, feeling an overwhelming sense of grief wash over her.            The activity manifested itself right from the very first day Ms. Wilbur moved into the house. That day she walked down into the basement and as she stepped off the bottom step, she felt like she was "walking into a freezer" and then felt the touch of what felt like a finger being run down the middle of her back.        Numerous paranormal groups and individual investigators have reported capturing strange EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomena) on their digital recorders and strange mists and fogs seem to sweep through the house, particularly in the downstairs parlor where Mr. Borden was killed (below) as well as photographs displaying strange anomalies throughout the home. On one investigation, members watched in astonishment as a stationary video camera moved by itself in full view of the assembled not once, but twice.              Guests have reported hearing sounds of a woman crying, the apparition of a woman in Victorian-era clothing who is said to tuck guests in at night and the voices of children. Footsteps are heard on the stairway, lights flicker on and off and doors are said to open and close by themselves. One man claimed while unpacking in the guest bedroom, he watched as the perfectly made bed there began to show the indentation of a body lying on it, right down to the imprint of a head on the pillow. Shaken, he went downstairs where he found his wife and told her of what he had just seen. Taking her back upstairs, they found the bed once again immaculately made with no sign of disturbance.