THE PARANORMAL WORLD DATABASE       MONTANA   ASYLUM DISTILLERY (BILLINGS) BACKGROUND: The Spaghetti Depot opened in the 1970s at 2223 Montana Ave. in the Sawyer Building. The space was later home to Stella's Place, an Italian restaurant that would eventually become Stella's Bakery. The building most recently housed an antique mall. In the early 1980s, Great Harvest Bread and Stella's Kitchen was a vibrant success and a downtown fixture. The owners of the old Spaghetti Depot on Montana Avenue — all of whom were dentists — approached Ziggy and Stella Ziegler with an offer to buy. PHENOMENA:  On December 8th, 1945, an airplane holding returning soldiers from WWII crashed in a field east of Rocky Mountain College. 17 servicemen and two pilots died in the crash and left only 4 survivors. The bodies of 13 of the men had to be stored in the refrigerated warehouse of the local grocery store as the local morgue couldn’t handle so many bodies. Employees and customers report seeing a uniformed soldier passing by, but whenever they get close, he vanishes right before their eyes. BANNACK GHOST TOWN (BANNACK) BACKGROUND: Founded in 1862 and named after the local Bannock Indians, it was the site of a major gold discovery in 1862, and served as the capital of Montana Territory briefly in 1864, until the capital was moved to Virginia City. Bannack continued as a mining town, though with a dwindling population. The last residents left in the 1970s. At its peak, Bannack had a population of about ten thousand. Extremely remote, it was connected to the rest of the world only by the Montana Trail. There were three hotels, three bakeries, three blacksmith shops, two stables, two meat markets, a grocery store, a restaurant, a brewery, a billiard hall, and four saloons. Though all of the businesses were built of logs, some had decorative false fronts. Among the town's founders was Dr. Erasmus Darwin Leavitt, a physician born in Cornish, New Hampshire, who gave up medicine for a time to become a gold miner. Dr. Leavitt arrived in Bannack in 1862, and alternately practiced medicine and mined for gold with pick and shovel. Bannack's sheriff, Henry Plummer, was accused by some of secretly leading a ruthless band of road agents, with early accounts claiming that this gang was responsible for over a hundred murders in the Virginia City and Bannack gold fields and trails to Salt Lake City. However, because only eight deaths are historically documented, some modern historians have called into question the exact nature of Plummer's gang, while others deny the existence of the gang altogether. In any case, Plummer and two compatriots, both deputies, were hanged, without trial, at Bannack on January 10, 1864. PHENOMENA: Cold spots, the apparition of a teenage girl, and sounds of crying children are often reported by those who visit the Hotel Meade. It’s said a teenage girl named Dorothy Dunn drowned in a dredge pond along the creek in 1916. Not long after, her spirit revealed itself to her best friend who was with her the day she died. She’s still seen wearing a long blue dress on the second floor of the hotel. Also on the second floor is the spirit of an older woman seen staring out a window. Children have claimed to watch try to speak to them with no words coming out of her mouth. Unusual cold spots and the sounds of children crying have also been reported as well as ghostly ladies in elegant dresses. The Bessette House, is said to be haunted by children who died of epidemics which spread through the town. It’s further said the ghost of Henry Plummer haunts various buildings in Bannack like Skinner Saloon, where he and his "road agents" spent a great deal of time. BELTON CHALET & LODGE (WEST GLACIER) BOULDER HOT SPRINGS (BOULDER) COPPER KING MANSION (BUTTE) DALY MANSION (HAMILTON) ELK’S LODGE (MILES CITY) FORT PECK THEATER (FORT PECK) GRAND UNION HOTEL (FORT BENTON) GREENOUGH MANSION (MISSOULA) LITTLE BIGHORN BATTLEFIELD NATIONAL MONUMENT (CROW AGENCY) LOBBY BAR (GREAT FALLS) MANY GLACIER HOTEL (GLACIER NATIONAL PARK) MONTANA TERRITORIAL PRISON (DEER LODGE) MOSS MANSION (BILLINGS) OPERA HOUSE THEATER (PHILIPSBURG) OXFORD SALOON (MISSOULA) PARIS GIBSON SQUARE MUSEUM OF ARTS (GREAT FALLS) POLLARD HOTEL (RED LODGE) ST. CHARLES HALL (HELENA) SACAJAWEA HOTEL (THREE FORKS) VIRGINIA CITY BACK TO TO PARANORMAL DATABASE