KLONDIKE  HIGHWAY  ENCOUNTER   In 1996, two male family members (individuals 1 and 2) were driving together from Whitehorse to Carmacks in two separate vehicles. As they were traveling northbound on the Klondike Highway adjacent to Fox Lake to the west, they spotted a huge UFO out over the frozen lake. Both slammed on their brakes stopping about 1870 ft. apart from each other. Individual 1 got out of his vehicle for a better observation. The UFO proceeded to slowly drift towards him and after a few minutes he found himself almost directly underneath the object. Individual 2 continued to observe his cousin as both stood there in complete awe. The UFO continued to move slowly across the highway and out over the hill to the east, eventually disappearing behind it. Immediately after the sighting, Individual 1 noted that the time was 8:30 pm. Both could discern that the lights were attached to a smooth and solid object. At the very same time that they were observing the UFO move across the lake, a married couple were approaching the southern tip of Fox Lake, also heading northbound. What they observed was a huge row, or rows, of lights slowly moving across the lake. There were other lights on and around the UFO as well and their first thought was that it was a large truck in the distance, but it wasn’t possible as the lights were directly out over the lake. They then feared that a Boeing 747 was crash landing, but it was moving much too slowly to be an aircraft. After processing these initial thoughts they realized what they were seeing must be a UFO and became very concerned as they had their two-year-old son in the back seat and were heading towards the object. After some debate they decided to stay their course. They could no longer see the UFO as they approached a hill that obscured their view and there was some traffic ahead of them. The husband looked at the car clock noting it was 8:23 pm. None of the witnesses to this point had heard any sound coming from the object. A few minutes later, as the couple were passing the Fox Lake campground, they passed two vehicles that were pulled over with two men outside looking up at the sky. They turned around and pulled over to talk to them. It was the two male cousins carrying on a lively discussion, trying to determine what they had just witnessed themselves. After a few minutes the couple left and eventually stopped at Braeburn Lodge about 20 miles further up the highway. The husband walked into the lodge and told Steve Watson, the lodge owner, he could use a coffee. Watson assumed he must have seen what one of the other men had as they were leaving the Lodge just as the couple arrived. About half an hour before the sighting described above (about 8:00 pm) another male was driving along Fox Lake and had noticed a light in the distance which should not have been there. He did not think too much of it but as he got closer to the light, he could tell that it was illuminating a long smooth curved surface. He then passed some traffic and after his eyes readjusted to the darkness, the curved surface and the light were gone. However, his eye caught a group of rectangular lights moving over and behind a hill to the east. At this point he got an "exhilarating feeling" and sped up in order to reach a less obscured location in the valley so that he would have a chance to see the UFO again. He pulled over and got out of his vehicle but didn’t see anything more unusual. He continued his journey and pulled into Braeburn Lodge where he gave Steve a description of what he saw and also made drawings for him. The cousins eventually pulled into Braeburn Lodge and gave their description to Steve as well. There was also a 6th witness to the Fox Lake sighting but it is unclear what time she had driven through the area. She was driving in the vicinity of Fox Lake when she noticed a glow on her dashboard that could not be accounted for by the interior illumination of her vehicle. She leaned forward to look up through her windshield and observed a large arrangement of multi colored lights. She claimed he interior lights in her car started to go dim and the music from her tape deck slowed down. At around the same time, between 8:30 and 9:00 pm, the Village of Pelly Crossing (about a 2 hour drive north of Fox Lake) was experiencing its own truly incredible UFO sighting. A fisherman was tending his trap line northeast of Pelly when he observed a long row of lights slowly moving over the hills in the distance to the southwest. At first he thought it was a large aircraft coming down. But it was moving much too slowly and he too, had the realization he was looking at something very unusual in the sky. As he was walking toward the object, his flashlight happened to point in its direction. As if reacting to his flashlight, the UFO started speeding rapidly toward him. He instinctively cupped the end of his flashlight. As soon as he completed this gesture, the UFO stopped in mid-flight. In less than a second, it was hovering an estimated 300 yards in front of him. He had to turn his head from one side to the other to see the entire width of the craft. Again there was no sound at all coming from the object. A beam of light then shot from the bottom of the UFO and began to scan the ground. Was it a search beam? Looking for him? The UFO then drifted slowly to the right. There were other beams emanating from the craft as well; a greenish phosphorescent color beam shone horizontally out the front (right); two beams at the back (left) rotated slowly to a horizontal position. All the beams could be seen clearly as there were ice crystals in the air. The fisherman turned away from the UFO momentarily and ran across a small clearing. When he turned back to look at it, it was gone. At about the same time, two other people were traveling northbound just south of Pelly Crossing. To the north they spotted a huge row of lights slowly moving from left to right. They pulled over at a gravel pit just south of the Village to get a better look and got out of their vehicle. The driver noticed that the Big Dipper was just above the row of lights and compared the length of the lights to the width of the Big Dipper and found they were essentially the same. This observation was very important since it established a well-referenced angular size of the UFO from the couple’s perspective, important for a more accurate triangulation and calculation of UFO size. The accounts of the witnesses at Pelly Crossing were enough to complete a calculation of UFO size. The observations of four more witnesses at about the same time provided a second triangulation. The four women were taking an evening course at a small community college in Pelly Crossing (a satellite school of Yukon College). They were out on a break on the front deck of the one story building looking towards the west when they too observed the row of lights. They were traveling slowly toward their direction and slightly towards the north. They recall the enormous size of the object as well and that there was no sound emanating from it. It moved slowly over the hill to the north and disappeared behind it. 9 more witnesses near the Village of Carmacks observed the craft. 4 were on the highway northbound in a pick-up truck just south of Carmacks and the others consisted of a husband, wife and their 3 children who were watching television when they spotted the row of lights out of their window. The four men traveling together pulled over near the landfill at the southern edge of the Village to get a better look at the UFO. They watched the noiseless object move slowly to the northeast, curve around them to the south and head up a valley adjacent to the microwave tower south of the village where it just vanished. At one point the UFO was partially obscured behind a nearby hill and one witness recalls the UFO slowly reappearing on the other side of it. He remembers waiting a long time for the last light to reappear from behind the hill, underscoring how slow and large the object was. One of them recalled hearing about the Fox Lake UFO sighting on the radio the next day and surmised that they saw the UFO about an hour and a half earlier, about 7:00 pm. The family is not exactly sure what time it was when they saw the UFO, only that it was in the evening. They observed the row of lights just to the northwest of them moving slowly to the northeast. The lights were just over the treeline and there was no noise at all. The lights continued to move until they disappeared one by one behind what appeared to be an invisible wall. There was no mountain in that direction that could account for this. With the UFO sighting occurring just two weeks prior to Christmas, the three children thought that it was Santa Claus and his reindeer in the sky. An estimate of the UFO size by triangulation was not possible for the Carmacks UFO sighting, as the geometry of the witness locations in relation to the UFO was less than ideal. Furthermore, it was unclear whether both the family and the group of four men in the truck observed the UFO at the same time. Perhaps the UFO made more than one pass by the Village that night. There is also some evidence to suggest that this "sighting event" encompassed an even larger area as UFO reports were heard on CBC North radio the very next day mentioning sightings in the communities of Dawson, Mayo and Watson Lake. No witnesses from these additional communities have thus far come forward or been identified. https://www.ufocasebook.com/klondikehighway1996.html MALMSTROM  AIR  BASE  INCIDENT  In central Montana, Thursday morning March 16 1967, the E-Flight Missile Combat Crew was below ground in the Echo-Flight Launch Control Center (LCC) or capsule. During the early morning hours, more than one report came in from security patrols and maintenance crews that they had seen UFOs. They were reported directly above one of the E-Flight Launch Facilities (LF) or silos. It turned out that at least one security policeman was so frightened by this encounter that he never again returned to security duty. A short time later, the Deputy Crew Commander (DMCCC), a 1st Lieutenant, was briefing the Crew Commander (MCCC), a Captain, on the flight status when the alarm horn sounded. Over the next half-minute, all ten of their missiles reported a "No-Go" condition. One by one across the board, each missile had became inoperable, From there on, as an ex-Missileer describes it: "All Hell broke loose!" Among the many calls to and from the E-Flight LCC one was to the MCCC of November-Flight which links to the equally dramatic story of what happened in another LCC that same morning. In this case we have shutdown of strategic nuclear missiles coincident with UFO sighting over a missile silo! These were missiles lost to America's nuclear deterrent forces. The following section is as told by Robert Salas who was the DMCCC in N-Flight that morning: “My recollection is that, while on duty as a Deputy Missile Combat Crew Commander below ground in the LCC, during the morning hours of 16 March 1967 I received a call from the Non- Commissioned Officer (NCO) in charge of Launch Control Center site security. He said that he and other guards had observed unidentified flying objects in the vicinity which had over flown the LCC a few times. He could only distinguish them as ‘lights’ at that time. I did not take this report seriously and directed him to keep observing and report back if anything more significant happened. I believed this first call to be a joke. A few minutes later, the security NCO called again. He was now agitated and distraught saying that a UFO was hovering just outside the front gate. I directed him to secure the fenced area. As we were talking, he had to go because one of the guards had approached the UFO and had been injured. I immediately woke my commander from his rest period and started to report the phone conversations. Immediately, our missiles began shutting down from ‘alert’ status to ‘No-Go’ status in rapid succession. None of the four or five missiles which faulted came back on line. Some signal had been sent to the missiles which caused them to go off alert status. After reporting this incident to the Command Post, I phoned my security guard. He said that the man who had approached the UFO had not been injured seriously but was being evacuated by helicopter to the base. Once topside, I spoke directly with the security guard about the UFOs. He added that the UFO had a red glow and appeared to be saucer shaped. He repeated that it had been immediately outside the front gate, hovering silently. We sent a security patrol to check our LFs after the shutdown, and they reported sighting another UFO during that patrol. They also lost radio contact with our site immediately after reporting the UFO. We were relieved by our scheduled replacement crew later that morning. The missiles had still not been brought on line by on-site maintenance teams. Again, UFOs were sighted by security personnel at or about the time Minuteman Strategic missiles shutdown.” An in-depth investigation of the E-Flight incident was undertaken. Full scale on-site and laboratory tests at Boeing's Seattle plant were conducted. Both declassified Strategic Missile Wing documents and interviews with Boeing engineers who conducted tests following the E-Flight Incident investigation confirm that no cause for the missile shutdowns was ever found. The most that could be done was to reproduce the effects by directly introducing a 10 volt pulse onto a data line. One conclusion was that the only way this could be done from outside the shielded system was through an electromagnetic pulse from an unknown source. During the events of that morning in 1967, UFOs were sighted by security personnel at the November Flight LCC and at one N-Flight LF, and by other security personnel at Echo-Flight LFs. These sightings were reported separately to the capsule crews at both LCCs at or about the same time Minuteman Strategic missiles shut down at both sites. USAF has confirmed that all of Echo flights' missiles shutdown within seconds of each other and that no cause for this could be found. For many years, the Air Force has maintained that no reported UFO incident has ever affected national security. It is established fact that a large number of Air Force personnel reported sighting UFOs at the time many of our strategic missiles became unlaunchable. The incidents described above clearly had national security implications. In one previously classified message, SAC Headquarters described the E-Flight incident as: loss of strategic alert of all ten missiles within ten seconds of each other for no apparent reason and a "…cause for grave concern…(to SAC headquarters)." There is a great discrepancy between the United States Air Force's public position relative to UFOs and national security, and the established facts of this case. https://www.ufocasebook.com/1967malmstrom.html PLAUEN, GERMANY  ENCOUNTER The city of Plauen is located about 250 km east of Frankfurt and has a population of about 100,000 people.  On May 21, 1994, a 39-year-old postal worker, Anna Hooferlund, was watching TV by herself in her first-floor apartment, which is part of a high-rise community near the city center.  Her daughter was out for the evening enjoying the local discotheque. After her movie ended at about 11 p.m., Anna went to her balcony from where she has an unobstructed view of the road and the disco.  It was getting late and she was looking out for her daughter.  As she stepped outside she noticed a bright light about 15 feet to her right in front of the balcony.  She realized that the light surrounded a small 9-year-old oak-tree like an aura.  The little tree was surrounded by other small trees, but none of the other trees were illuminated and it was also the only one that was swaying back and forth in the wind. The other trees were not affected, but this one was touching the ground at times and seemed to have a terrible struggle against the wind.  Anna, looking for the source of the wind, suddenly spotted a large luminous object approximately 300 feet away, hovering at an altitude of about 90 feet just above the building.  It looked to her like two frisbees stuck together, turning in opposite directions.  The bottom part had small, dark squares that looked like windows under which a circle of white lights rotated in a clockwise direction. The top of the object had a circle of white lights as well, but these were turning counterclockwise. After about a minute the wind stopped blowing, the light around the tree disappeared and the tree went back to its usual upright position. The object appeared to be about 30 feet in diameter and suddenly moved to the left and disappeared behind one of the other buildings. A moment later the object came back around the same corner. Anna ran into the street so she could follow the object and observed it vanish a few hundred meters away, above some other apartment buildings. She noticed that other people in the street had been watching the object as well as perhaps five couples who were standing on their balconies. She did not speak to any of the other people because: “I really don’t believe in those kind of things.“  Anna estimated that the entire incident took about 6 minutes. At about 11.15 p.m. the telephone woke a woman named Martina who was already asleep with her 4-year-old daughter in their 11th floor apartment. It was her friend Anna who lived in the same building on the third floor, was very excited on the phone, saying “Martina, I think there is a UFO above our building.“  She explained she had observed the unusual object from her third-floor balcony and wanted to know if her friend could see the same thing from the top floor.  Martina replied with something like “Are you crazy“ and was about to put the phone down when she heard her friend exclaim “It’s coming back again, look at it yourself.“ This caused Martina to walk to the living-room window, with the phone in her hand, where she saw for herself a very large object hovering in front of her window. The object was only about 15 feet in front of her and looked like a shiny, silver metallic structure. Martina also noticed the two counter-rotating light rings and some dark windows on the object.  She said: “It seemed like the object was about to land on top of the building.“  She dropped the phone, got her daughter and ran down to her friend’s apartment on the third floor.  After a little while they carefully went towards the balcony, and eventually ventured all the way out onto it to observe the object from below. They felt a strong wind coming from the object and noticed that there was a hole in the cloud cover above it, which they assumed was caused by the object.  It moved up and down like a yoyo for a few minutes in the same spot before it proceeded to a higher altitude, where it tilted on its axis and sped away in a north-easterly direction.  During the incident Martina called her sister-in-law, who lived in another suburb, and told her about the encounter. Her sister-in-law spotted the lights as well and proceeded to capture the phenomena on video. The frightened ladies called the police and reported their observations to the authorities.  By the time the police arrived the object had disappeared, but the police told the ladies that many other people had called in and reported similar observations. The local newspaper reported the incident the next day, but explained it as reflections from disco spotlights in the clouds. Because of this report, Martina’s sister-in-law erased the video recording a few days later.  A police officer who was the husband of a coworker of Martina’s, told the ladies confidentially that the newspapers explanation was not true. Another interesting observation was made the next day when both Anna and Martina independently reported that both had laundry drying on their balconies.  Apparently all items of clothing were covered with black soot and had to be washed again. Martina was so disturbed by this incident that she did not feel safe in her apartment anymore.  She talked about hearing footsteps and strange noises as well as seeing lights inside the apartment after the incident. This frightened her so much that she moved some time later.  When she was interviewed by MUFON-CES members in December 1995 she was still so frightened of the place that she refused to accompany the interviewer, even for a minute, to her old apartment. MUFON-CES distributed 500 questionnaires in the area, as a follow-up to the investigation.  Only one other witness replied.  He confirmed the ladies’ description of the object as well as the hole in the cloud cover.  His drawing of the object matched those of the ladies. http://archiv.mufon-ces.org/text/english/plauen.htm TAIZE, FRANCE  UFO  ENCOUNTER On August 11, 1972, a number of Christian youth had assembled for a retreat on a hillside in Taize, France when they saw what they thought was a falling star. But the ‘star’ landed on a hill opposite them, and was making a vibration sound when it lit up. It appeared to emit solid beams of light for two hours. Some of the teenagers walked closer to the object and shone their flashlights on it, but the beams of their flashlights bent as though they were being repelled by the object. About 30 witnesses, including Francois Tantot and R. Faa de Masullas, while driving along National Highway N. 481, saw a star-like object approach with a whistling noise and apparently land on the sloping bank of a ridge in hilly terrain. They observed the subsequent events from various perspectives. The object was positioned on or just above the ground, its light illuminating an adjacent large cereal crop. Based on landmarks its diameter was estimated to be about 90 feet. The object had seven yellow lights and, as if on an extension to the left, two small orange lights. Five of the seven lights began to emit white beams that gradually extended toward the ground, giving the impression of being "solid 1ight." Two hemispheres or cupolas were visible on the extreme left above two of the light beams. Tantot felt a tingling in his fingers for several minutes, as did another witness. Shortly after the landing and emergence of the beams, red sparks appeared at the right end of the object, followed by three small white discs. The discs had red points of light at each end. For two and a half hours the discs moved all around the "parent,, object, remaining within about 100 feet of it at all times. The light beams swept around the ground, illuminating small circles on the terrain. Just after 3:00 a.m.. one of the light beams began to grow brighter, which coincided with a flickering of the red points of 1ight on the discs. Then a complicated series of phenomena followed, including the appearance of a multitude of red particles in the air and changes in the appearance and brightness of some of the lights and light beams. Tantot and three other witnesses had gone down into the field for a closer look. They saw a haystack- or projectile- shaped dark object and something like a hedge (barrier) a few meters ahead of them. A small point of red light was flitting around the dark object. When they shone a flashlight toward the object, the light beam was reflected vertically upward just before reaching the "hedge." About 4:00 A.M. the small discs approached the parent object and flashed, and their lights went out, apparently as they entered the craft. Almost immediately all lights blacked out, but came back on again after about a minute. Tantot signaled toward the object with his flashlight, and immediately the big light on the left end of the object directed its beam toward the people in the field. They were blinded by the light, shading their eyes with their hands, and felt strong heat. At about 4:40 am the large object began moving, turned, and suddenly shot away to the south, rising and falling as if following the contours of the terrain. As it departed it was surrounded by a bluish halo. A faint bluish halo also was visible in the field at the spot where it had been. 2 days after the UFO experience, Tantot reported his sighting to the Gendarmerie in nearby Cluny as well as at the Headquarters in Saint-Gengoux-le-National. The Gendarmes took a tape- recording of his statement. He then notified M. Robert Veillith of the French UFO group, “Lumieres Dans La Nuit”. Tantot returned to the site with some friends. They found nothing at the spot where they thought the machine was landed. There was a burned area but the farmer who owned the field said he had burned some hay in that spot. Lower down, they found an area 90 feet long (the reported size of the object) and of an elliptical shape consisting of a zone of desiccated grass. Within this zone there were marks where there had been fire, one larger than the other. In the woods they found a large, healthy looking branch on the ground. The branch had been broken off a healthy, 60 foot high aspen tree. It had been broken two-thirds the way up the tree. The branch showed a break which, for about one-third of its diameter, looked as though made by a saw. And in that portion of it there was an orange-hued elliptical zone that contrasted greatly with the general color of the break. The rest looked as though it had torn away as if violently pulled from the tree. The leaves were of a grayish brown color dotted with extremely numerous small bluish-white dots. An analysis of the leaves yielded no results. “As regards the analysis of the leaves, the sample given was insufficient and furthermore it was already too late for making a biological analyses of any value.” http://www.nicap.org/reports2/720812france_report.pdf BELGIAN POLICE SIGHTING The mystery of the Belgian UFOs began on November 29, 1989, near the small town of Eupen, less than seven miles from the German border. Gendarmes Heinrich Nicoll and Hubert Von Montigny were on a routine patrol. Heinrich described what he and his partner witnessed that night: As we approached the crossroads at Nuevos Road, our attention was drawn to an unusual sight. We saw a field near the road that was all lit up. It was like lights on a huge football field. We thought it was strange, and we wanted to know what was causing those lights. There was a huge triangular platform, and underneath it were strong headlights.  And in the middle was this blinking, pulsating orange light. The whole thing was floating in the air. The gendarmes immediately called Albert Creutz, their dispatcher in Eupen: Suddenly, they told me they were seeing a strange object in the sky. It made no noise. We joked about it and said it might be Santa Claus trying to land. Creutz noted the unusual report in his log, but was skeptical. According to Heinrich, he and his partner followed the object as it flew across the Belgian countryside toward Eupen: We could see it clearly because the headlights were very strong. We could also see the flickering orange ball underneath. We were driving very slowly because it seemed like there was someone in that object and that somebody was trying to observe what was happening on Earth. Then a strange light flashed across the window of Albert Creutz’ office: Off in the distance, I could see something bright, but I didn’t know what it was. Suddenly, I saw something that looked like a laser beam shoot out of the light and then come back to the light. Heinrich and his partner followed the silent object: We continued to observe the object as it circled over the city of Eupen. It appeared to be heading toward the forest. On each side of the object there was a kind of laser beam and a ball that was leaving the object and coming back as if the ball were to measure something, so it was easy for us to keep track of it in the sky. Creutz contacted four local airports. Each reported no unusual activity. For at least 30 minutes, the gendarmes watched as the object hovered in the distance. And then, according to Heinrich: All of a sudden it came out of nowhere, another spacecraft. We were a little frightened. The one we had been following was still over there, and now a second one was rising up into the sky. At a given moment, it tilted slightly. We could see again the shape of a triangle with bright headlights. We could see some kind of dome on the top of two or three small windows and there was a light inside the object. By the time we realized what it was, the object flew away. Moments later, Albert Creutz became a believer himself: Through the open window I saw a strange machine floating about 500 feet away from me. It looked like a large ship floating in the air. It drifted in front of me for a few seconds, then flew away in the direction of La Calamine. It was a beautiful thing to see. Within minutes, two other gendarmes reported a similar object over the village of La Calamine, eight miles to the north. One of them, Deiter Plumanns, had no doubts about what he saw: We had heard our colleagues talking about this flying object. In the beginning we thought it was some sort of joke, but then we saw something. It wasn’t funny anymore. Both of us had a strange feeling. It was impossible to explain what the object was. We thought it was an American airplane or something. We had no other explanation for what it might be, but it was real, and it was above us.” All four of the sightings occurred in one hour, within 20 miles of each other. That same day, 11 other gendarmes and more than 100 private citizens came forward with similar reports of UFOs over the Belgium. https://unsolved.com/gallery/belgian-ufo/
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