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ROLLING HILLS ASYLUM      In September of 2013, we had decided to take a road trip to one of the most iconic haunted locations in the entire country, Rolling Hills Asylum in East Bethany, NY. We looked forward to meeting the owner, Sharon Coyle and to investigate the location with only team members present. Sharon allows a great deal of latitude to visiting groups, so the idea of a night at RHA seemed ideal for us. A lot of these types of locations may or may not live up to the hype surrounding them, so we were pleasantly surprised at our overall experience at the former poor house/asylum. THE BOILER ROOM 9/7/13 EVP According to Sharon and based on prior investigations there, it is said that a spirit of a caretaker named Raymond maintains a presence in this area (His name was actually John Raymond). To that end we began our session by introducing ourselves, asking who was there and trying to make contact with anyone. So as we started to settle in with our recorders and other gear, we seemed to have been extended an answer and a greeting before our first question was uttered. “MOST OF US…..HELLO” VOICE ISOLATED DISEMBODIED VOICE Because the building served as a haven to those mentally or physically disadvantaged and illness was a constant issue there, Ken DeCosta asked if perhaps AN entity in that area was one of many who suffered some type of malady. A response in the form of a disembodied voice came back in the affirmative. Julie DeMay acknowledges this immediately. “YES” VOICE ISOLATED DISEMBODIED VOICE This next clip both astounds and also raises questions as to its intent. While Ken tests to see if we can be seen, sensed or heard, a response is returned that is both chilling and fascinating to consider. What is (their) secret? “SECRET” VOICE ISOLATED EVP Audio paredolia is always an issue. Particularly when the result you seek is always present in your mind. In such cases you might become a bit prone to hear something that might not actually “be there”. But we have to admit, with all that in mind, this sure does sound like a name….and the name spoken sounds like… “RAYMOND” VOICE ISOLATED GOVERNOR BRADFORD HOUSE RISEUP was given permission to investigate this 18th century former home of British sympathizer William Bradford. Staff there had reported object manipulation on a degree rarely heard before along daytime sightings of black masses and full-bodied apparitions moving throughout the home (now a bed and breakfast). While there, we witnessed a streak of light moving across a guest room at rapid speed which then zig-zagged erratically and eventually collided with a wall and burst into a flash of light that was mistaken for a camera flash by another group of investigators one floor below who could view the guest room window through a double paned glass door. Another group were conducting a session with staff present in the basement when they saw - to their amazement - a trash can slide two feet across the floor when a sign of a presence there was requested. A most incredible experience. ATTIC 2/23/09 EVP The first clip must remain subjective, but we can venture our own opinions as to what is being said here. While introducing ourselves and asking for a reciprocation, there is a general consensus that what is heard is a genial and welcoming response. We are certainly aware that expectation might play a large role in our conclusion here, so we choose to present this clip with that in mind. “HOW DO YOU DO” VOICE ISOLATED EVP Sometime later during this session, as we began to exhaust ourselves of questions and with a lack of visual or audible stimuli to motivate us to extend our time there, Ken wonders out loud if by some chance we might be an annoyance and that perhaps the time has come to say goodnight. Our response back is again, subjective but nonetheless in that range of sound that would categorize it as an electronic voice phenomena. It is presented for that value alone and with another “best guess” as to the content, but it does seem that the occupant is as ready as we are to call it a night. “OF COURSE I DO” VOICE ISOLATED ASSEMBLY THEATER The Assembly Theater in Harrisville, RI is the site of the annual Ocean State ParaCon, our charity event we have run each year since 2012. There have also been claims of strange activity there as we found out soon after securing the location for the conference in 2014. We were granted permission to investigate this 1933 community theater that was built by local businessman and philanthropist Austin T. Levy. PROJECTION ROOM 9/6/14 DISEMBODIED VOICES This area was likely the most active of the theater in terms of audible experiences. We have much more in our video section, but one clip caught on a stationary recorder we left running when leaving the room typifies the type of odd things heard throughout the night. Ken and Chris are leaving the area and you can hear them speaking, walking out the door, closing it, walking down the stairs and closing the door at the bottom, which loudly slams shut. A mere second or two later a very odd vocal anomaly is recorded inside the room. This is a subjective clip, but one that bears posting just for its sheer oddness. VOICE AFTER LEAVING PROJECTION ROOM VOICE ISOLATED CAROLINA, RI PRIVATE RESIDENCE The group was contacted by a woman in this small Rhode Island town who had an unusual story. Both she and her family had long since accepted that there were some very odd things going on in their home since they built it sometime in the 1970s. Footsteps coming down the stairs, disembodied voices and doors slamming were common and in time, the family made their peace with it and accepted it as part of the character of the house. But lately, her small grandson reported seeing a “scary ghost” making him quite afraid to go inside the home. LIVING ROOM 6/13/2013 EVP Conducting one EVP session here, we attempted to consider different scenarios as to the origin of the activity. As no one had been harmed or frightened silly at any point (save for the grandson and a son-in-law who bolted from the house one day as footsteps came down the stairs in the otherwise empty house), we wondered if perhaps the source of the activity might actually be benevolent and possibly attached to the family as a deceased relative. Ken asked a question that resulted in a response that seemed to confirm there was a more caring and kinder element to the long-term activity there. It is our understanding that after our visit, activity there decreased dramatically. “POOR THING” VOICE ISOLATED CAPTAIN GRANT’S 1754 INN      Two of our investigators decided to take a “working vacation” when they visited Captain Grant’s 1754 in Preston, CT. in 2013. Long rumored to be the site of paranormal activity, they were given a good deal of latitude to investigate the inn from its proprietors. They would not come away totally disappointed. GUEST ROOM HALLWAY 6/13/13 DISEMBODIED VOICE Julie and Marlaina decided to keep their video cameras and recorders running each night when they were, at one point, the only guests on the premises. On their last night there, a couple did check into the room directly across from theirs very late in the evening. One recorder picked up the sound of their footsteps coming down the hallway, stopping at their room door and pressing the old-style latch which makes a very loud and distinct sound. The couple were very polite and thoughtful in remaining silent as they entered so as to not wake anyone. However, it appears someone did in fact speak and did so in a very welcoming tone of voice.  “COME IN” VOICE ISOLATED