AUDIO EVIDENCE PAGE 3 ASSEMBLY THEATER The Assembly Theater in Harrisville, RI is the site of the annual Ocean State ParaCon, our charity event we have run each year since 2012. There have also been claims of strange activity there as we found out soon after securing the location for the conference in 2014. We were granted permission to investigate this 1933 community theater that was built by local businessman and philanthropist Austin T. Levy. PROJECTION ROOM 9/6/14 This area was likely the most active of the theater in terms of audible experiences. We have much more in our video section, but one clip caught or a recorder we left running upon leaving the room typifies the type of odd things heard throughout the night. Ken and Chris are leaving the room and you can hear them speaking, walking out the door, closing it, walking down the stairs and closing the door at the bottom, which slams shut loudly. A mere second or two later a very odd vocal anomaly is recorded inside the room. This is a subjective clip, but one that bears posting just for its sheer weirdness. VOICE AFTER LEAVING PROJECTION ROOM VOICE ISOLATED CAROLINA, RI PRIVATE RESIDENCE The group was contacted by a woman in this small Rhode Island town who had an unusual story. Both she and her family had long since accepted that there were some very odd things going on in their home since they built it sometime in the 1970s. Footsteps coming down the stairs, disembodied voices and doors slamming were common and in time, the family made their peace with it and accepted it as part of the character of the house. But lately, her small grandson reported seeing a “scary ghost” making him quite afraid to go inside the home. LIVING ROOM 6/13/2013 Conducting one EVP session here, we attempted to consider different scenarios as to the origin of the activity. As no one had been harmed or frightened silly at any point (save for a son-in- law who bolted from the house one day as footsteps came down the stairs in the otherwise empty house), we wondered if perhaps the source of the activity might actually be benevolent and possibly attached to the family as a deceased relative, Ken asked a question that resulted in a response that all but suggested a more caring and kinder element to the long-term activity there. It is our understanding that after our visit, activity there all but ceased. “POOR THING” VOICE ISOLATED CAPTAIN GRANT’S 1754 INN      Two of our investigators decided to take a “working vacation” when they visited Captain Grant’s 1754 in Preston, CT. in 2013. Long rumored to be the site of paranormal activity, they were given a good deal of latitude to investigate the inn from its proprietors. They would not come away totally disappointed. GUEST ROOM HALLWAY 6/13/13 Julie and Marlaina decided to keep their video cameras and recorders running during the night and the fact that they were, at one point, the only guests on the premises was a very positive thing in terms of data gathering. On their last night there, a couple did check into the room directly across from theirs very late in the evening. The recorder picked up the sound of their footsteps coming down the hallway, stopping at their room door and pressing the old-style latch which makes a very loud and distinct sound. The couple were very polite and thoughtful in remaining silent as they entered so as to not wake anyone. However, it appears someone did in fact speak and did so in a very welcoming tone of voice. “COME IN” VOICE ISOLATED THE WARNER THEATER Tara Melendez, our team leader at RISEUP Connecticut, arranged for the group to investigate this stunning 1930s-era art deco theater in Torrington, CT. There have long been reports of odd occurrences here with voices, shadowy figures, footsteps and the presence of a resident ghost named “Murph” who was said to have succumbed to injuries suffered in a fall down the basement stairs. We had agreed to conduct a series of public investigations to benefit the theater, but first, we were allowed to conduct our own under more controlled conditions. PROJECTION ROOM 1/17/11      The projection room was said to be one of the more active areas of the theater and at one point in its early history it was the hub of activity there when movies were played on a regular basis. One investigator ventured in alone and began an EVP session there. At some point during his visit, he clearly hears a voice in the otherwise empty room with him and immediately inquires as to the identity of his company. “YOUR NAME?” VOICE ISOLATED BASEMENT 1/17/11      This is an audio clip that illustrates a very odd occurrence. Two investigators are in the basement area while the rest are disbursed at different locations two floors above them in the stage area and the projection room. While walking through the lower level, they conduct an EVP session while wandering the area. While doing so, they both hear a sharp and tuneful whistle there with them. One is so startled by what is heard, knowing full well they are alone and within a couple of feet of each other that she immediately clicks on her flashlight to see is anyone else is there and almost drops the recorder she is holding. DISEMBODIED WHISTLING BASEMENT 1/17/11 Another audio clip that completely left us a little baffled. Ken DeCosta joined a trainee investigator in the basement area where the tragic legend of “Murph” is said to have begun. In fact, there was a gentleman who fell down the stairs and passed away a few days later in the hospital of injuries suffered in the fall. His name was not “Murph” or any derivative of that, but nonetheless some strange things have been said to been witnessed in the basement area as we were to see for ourselves. At the end of an EVP session, the recorder was gathered up and the men started up the stairs. Upon review of the file, a very eerie voice was imprinted on the file that belongs to neither of the investigators present. The last words spoken were, “Ok, let’s head out” by Ken. Then this. It is admittedly subject to interpretation as to what is being said, but we feel what we hear is… “THEY’RE TERRIBLE MISTAKES” HARRIS FIRE STATION Built in 1889, the historic structure is oddly situated in both West Warwick and Coventry. It features a tower with a belfry and a high roof topped with a weather vane. A single-story addition was added to the right side of the building. The tower is the only portion of the building located in West Warwick. There have long been claims of unusual happenings there by the fire fighters that worked there, and we eagerly accepted an opportunity to investigate there as there were already rumors of its imminent closing. It was, in fact voted on to sell the building in April of 2017. SECOND FLOOR LIVING AREA Joe Chin was among those conducting an EVP session in the fireman’s lounge area. His focus was on a former long-time chief who has been suspected of lingering in the fire house long since his passing. While we rarely make a fuss over one syllable responses that could have a natural origin, this one caught our attention. An affirmative response seems to have been recorded and more of a “folksy” one at that. “YEEEAH” VOICE ISOLATED
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