AUDIO EVIDENCE PAGE 7 DESUERMONT MILL Before the TV show Ghost Hunters investigated this gigantic New England textile mill, we were invited to join the TAPS Home Team here in a joint effort to determine whether the new owners and their prospective tenants had any reason to feel uncomfortable because of some old stories and more recent experiences in this setting. The Jules Desurmont Worsted Company Mill is a historic mill at 84 Fairmount Street in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. The mill complex consists of three brick buildings, erected 1907-10 by Jules Desurmont, the owner of a textile firm in Tourcoing, a city in northern France, who had been drawn to Woonsocket by the promotional activities of Aram Pothier. The mill produced French worsted wool yarn until 1952, and was used for many years thereafter by smaller textile and industrial concerns. GARAGE 8/25/13 EVP Ken DeCosta, Joe Chin and Tom Stewart are investigating the maintenance garage where security cameras picked up a shadowy figure moving across the area. We honestly felt this may have been a case of an insect either alighting on or flying close to the lens which can create a distorted image many mistake as an anomalous mass. The session was otherwise uneventful until our audio review, when we found what most truly feel is the most incredible recording the group has come across to date. Ken had decided to do the questioning in basic French as the city of Woonsocket, RI had a large population of French-Canadians, and still does to this day. Upon closing the session, he thanks whoever may be there in spirit for  listening. What we recorded is remarkable and the unmistakable voice of someone responding with their thanks in kind. Tom Stewart was using a parabolic microphone with recording capabilities and it registered no sound at the same time this voice revealed itself to us. This is, in a word, amazing. “MERCI BEAUCOUP” VOICE ISOLATED MILL TUNNELS 8/25/13 EVP Ken DeCosta is leading a group in the underground tunnels which branch off from the basement and connect various wings of the building. He asks a typical question if anyone is present and seemingly gets no response, but this faint yet fairly distinct woman’s voice appears to ask exactly who wants to speak to her. “WHO CALLED ME?” VOICE ISOLATED PRIVATE RESIDENCE - CUMBERLAND, R.I. We were invited to the home of a woman who lived there with her boyfriend and daughter who was experiencing some strange activity that she felt was connected to the man who built the home a number of years ago. He was a gregarious sort who had built an old-style, commercial-grade bar in the basement with round, 8-person tables to entertain friends. This was obviously his dream house and even in death, perhaps he still maintains a presence there. While at times frightening and jolting, his hijinks were also playful, poignant and relatively harmless save for the time the daughter, home from college, was horrified to see him walking down the hall projecting as a man in his 40s and then inside his former bedroom mere minutes later as an elderly and frail man in the final stages of life. She knew this was the former owner as a photo of him still graces the bar area in the basement. MASTER BEDROOM 6/22/13 EVP The former owner was a man of some means who among other creature comforts, owned a Rolls-Royce at one point. He rarely took it out on public roads, but enjoyed taking it through the housing development he lived in just to show it off. We attempted to appeal to his sense of style and panache by talking about that elite vehicle and what his motivation was for buying it. “YES” TO BUYING IT VOICE ISOLATED MASTER BATHROOM 3/29/14 EVP On a follow-up visit to the home, we heard a story about the owner taking a shower in the private bath and seeing a shadow outside the door when she was fully aware she was home alone. Fearing an intruder, she waited for the inevitable to happen, but it became clear whatever or whoever was outside the door simply vanished. In this clip she tells of hearing the door being banged on and one can tell she is unnerved even recounting the incident. It is then that Ken DeCosta, who is alone with her in the room at this point records a male voice that sounds as if its owner is right there with them demanding to know who this other gentleman is. This is a truly bizarre clip. “WHO IS THAT?” VOICE ISOLATED LIZZIE BORDEN BED & BREAKFAST The Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast has long been considered a “hot spot” of paranormal activity and has been featured in countless episodes of paranormal TV show. For us, it always seemed to be more of a murder mystery than a haven for paranormal activity. Until 2018, many of us had not set foot in the building even though for some it was mere minutes away from us. While we respect the personal experiences and at least some of the documentation that has found its way to the public, we remained objective in terms of capturing actual activity here. Our visit would change our minds on that to some degree as we ourselves experienced some strange occurrences, many of them unexplainable sounds. From 1874 to 1892, the house was the property of Andrew Borden, Lizzie's father, an affluent member of the Fall River, Ma. community. After Lizzie's trial and acquittal of murdering her father and stepmother with an axe, Lizzie and her sister Emma did not return to the house. Instead, Lizzie bought another house located at 7 French Street that she named 'Maplecroft'. Lizzie lived there until her death on June 1, 1927. The house number of 92 Second Street was changed to 230 in 1896. THIRD FLOOR - SULLIVAN BEDROOM 1/16/18 DISEMBODIED SOUNDS Ken DeCosta and Cody DesBiens are with a cameraman in the former quarters of maid Bidget Sullivan when they clearly hear footsteps either in the hallway or coming up the stairs. A check of the stairs (which can be seen from the room) revealed no one there and as this is the top floor, the steps could not be from up above them nor on the lower floors. FOOTSTEPS ON 3RD FLOOR THIRD FLOOR - SULLIVAN BEDROOM 1/16/18 DISEMBODIED VOICE/SOUNDS The session continued and again footsteps were heard, but this time accompanied by a female voice that was heard clearly. On this particular night, we had no females in on the floor at this particular time, either from our group or from the owner and staff. We can’t venture a guess as to what is said, so it remains subjective at best. FOOTSTEPS AND VOICE THIRD FLOOR - SULLIVAN BEDROOM 1/6/18 EVP The final submission from the Sullivan room comes in the form of another female voice. In this case, we’re confident enough to venture our opinion of what is said and if we’re right, this is very significant because someone appears to be calling out her name. “BRIDGET” VOICE ISOLATED JOHN MORSE ROOM 1/16/18 At this point we were joined by spirit medium Tiffany Rice and she and Cody DesBiens spent some time in the the Morse Room. While they were conducting an EVP session there, they clearly hear two distinct knocks on the door. At first puzzled, a check outside the room on another group conducting a separate session revealed none of them had moved from their positions and did not knock on the door or make any type of banging sound while sitting on chairs and a bed. Very strange and unsettling occurrence. TWO KNOCKS ON THE DOOR BASEMENT 1/16/18 DISEMBODIED VOICE The entire group conducted an EVP session in the basement where it’s said the murder weapon - a hatchet - was found. Nothing out of the ordinary occurred there until Ken hears a female voice in close proximity to him. Oddly, until the recording was reviewed no one else claimed to have head it audibly as he did. This suggests it happened very close to him. We don’t put forth any declaration of what is said here. FEMALE VOICE IN BASEMENT VOICE ISOLATED THIRD FLOOR GUEST ROOM 5/12/18 DISEMBODIED NOISE Our third visit to the house resulted in more puzzling noises and overall strangeness. In a third floor room, we begin to hear the sound of what resembles footsteps again, this time above us which makes little sense as we are on the top floor. We cannot discount explanations like the existence of rodents but we can’t dismiss an extreme possibility either. Vin Pacheco also suggests this may be a bass riff emanating from a passing car’s stereo which is sound thinking, but the final beat is staggered from the rest and is equally as loud as the vehicle passes by. The A-B-C voice you hear is from an EMF device known as a “Boo Buddy” which is a stuffed animal equipped with EMF meters to detect proximity to it. FOOTSTEPS AGAIN? SECOND FLOOR - BORDEN BEDROOM 5/12/18 A group begins to conducta session in the former bedroom of Andrew and Abby Borden and one investigator starts by taking some photos. She alerts the rest using the word, “flash” to signal the others she is taking the shot and avoid making them “light blind”. During this, we record a male voice also alerting others, seemingly of our presence (or intrusion). “THEY’RE COMING” VOICE ISOLATED THIRD FLOOR - “TOY ROOM” 5/21/18 At this point, a group is assembled in the street side guest room where a host of toys are kept, ostensibly because it’s said there are child spirits that exist in that space. While we leave the room and keep the recorders running, we capture a very strange audio clip of the name, “David” said by a female. The strange part beyond no one on that floor is that there is no one named “David” present that night. We did learn later that a man named David Quigley was a long-time cook at the Borden B&B but whether that has any tie to what was recorded is speculative at this point. “DAVID” SECOND FLOOR 5/21/18 An entire group of female investigators are on the second floor when they hear what can only be described as a scream or wailing from downstairs. There are no more women in the building and there are three males downstairs. When asked about the sound, none of the men even heard it and certainly were not responsible for it. Nothing mechanical was turned on or triggered, so this is a bit of a mystery to all of us. It’s just odd enough that we choose to submit it here for consideration. SCREAM FROM UNKNOWN AREA VOICE ISOLATED
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